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Ebook request with a follow-up campaign

Download an ebook and receive an email

Ebook request with a follow-up campaign

Let's start from creating an event on your site whenever somebody clicks "Download ebook". In this way, there's an event inside the button "request ebook".

Go with Trigger: Event Trigger (we choose "request ebook") and then, Filters: Email → any , we need to contact with only those people whose email address we have.

Now, time for Action: Send a new chat message, for example "Hi, awesome that you like our ebook! Check your inbox. The ebook is waiting for you!". Thanks to Action: Send a new email campaign , we can send an ebook to a specific user.

Next, we go with Filters: Email → unknown and we connect it with the Trigger. We send a chat message (Action: Send a chat message), for example: "Hi, awesome that you like our ebook. When you enter your email address in the form, we will send it to you!".

After 10 sec (Action: Delay ) we show a form (Action: Show a form). Apply Delay (let's say, 30 sec) and we check if the condition has been met: Condition: Form submitted?.

If yes, then the email campaign is sent to him/her. If not, there will be a chat message (Action: Send a chat message ) with a kind request to fill in the form with his/her email address.

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