UserEngage vs Intercom®

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Increase conversion and sales by automatically sending the right message to the right people at the right time.


Communicating with customers shouldn’t be this hard. With Intercom® it’s simple, personal, and fun for everyone. Please note that we are not affiliated with Intercom® in any way.

Communication channels

The more communication channels you have, the bigger the possibility that you will reach your customer in the most timely and elegant way.


What do both solutions have?


Simple live chat displayed on the website allowing you to engage your visitors and let them ask questions.


Sending automated or manual emails to your visitors.


Point for UserEngage

UserEngage enables you to show your visitors dynamic HTML forms adjusted to visitor's behaviour. They can even contain his surname or company name.

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Point for UserEngage

With out-of-the-box integration with Twilio, UserEngage lets you automate sending SMS campaigns to your visitors.

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Call Centre
Point for UserEngage

Also using a default Twilio connection, UserEngage lets you contact your visitors by adding them to calling campaigns.

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Dynamic Page Content
Point for UserEngage

You can automate changing the content of your website to include user attributes or targeted messaging just like Uber or AirBnb.

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Messenger Integration
Point for Intercom®

Intercom® comes with out-of-the-box integration with Facebook profiles so your support agents can talk with customers via messenger.

User Data Management

The more information you have about your visitors, the better you can personalise and target your messages which in turn increases conversion.


Features that both solutions share

Page views and events

Gather data about the page views of visitors. You can also track events such as video play or any other interaction with your website.

Standard and custom user attributes

Both system come with a set of similar user attributes such as location, language, device etc. Both also enable custom attributes such as company size or trial days left.

Segment Integration

Segment integration let you integrate without having to map events from scratch.

Customer base filtering

Both systems come with a database enabling you to see particular contacts based on simple filters.


Adding events without coding
Point for UserEngage

UserEngage lets you add new events to your website without having to talk with developers every time. This lets marketers move on with their projects faster.


Filtering with event attributes
Point for UserEngage

Here is how it works: If you have UserEngage on a marketplace website, you can filter your database to see all the people who at least once viewed red shoes that cost more than $120 in size 8.

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Messaging Automation

This is where the real difference comes in. Intercom® has basic message triggers. UserEngage lets you build any workflow you can imagine.


How it works with UserEngage

Complete flexibility. You can automate any communication process you can imagine. All workflows are easy to build with a simple drag & drop editor.


How it works in Intercom®

Intercom® lets you edit simple triggers for chat messages. You select the page or other trigger and specify the chat message or email the customer will receive.

Message design

The way your emails look have huge impact on conversion and response rate.
The better you can adjust the email to your needs, the better the results.


Email builder in UserEngage

UserEngage has an advanced drag & drop builder that allows you to create any email or pop-up design you can imagine.


Email builder in Intercom®

Intercom® has a simple but limited email editor letting you add media elements, text and buttons.

Additional features

Those section of UserEngage will help you manage your contacts and always stay up to date with your business shape.


Automated CRM
Point for UserEngage

UserEngage comes with a full CRM for managing your deals, contacts, companies you work with and sales representative's tasks.


Full Analytics Package
Point for UserEngage

UserEngage has an entire analytics and reporting system that allows you to create custom reports about user or agent activities.

Similar billing logic, different price

Let's get to the simple numbers and features. UserEngage delivers more advanced and flexible features despite being almost 2 times cheaper.


Per Month

  • 30000 contacts
  • Unlimited seats
  • Chat
  • If this then that messaging
  • Knowledge base editor
  • Mailing
  • Message statistics
  • Operator bot
  • Visitor database
  • Messenger integration

Per Month

Purchase Plan
  • 30000 contacts
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Chat
  • Full marketing automation
  • Mailing
  • Full analysis and reporting
  • Forms and pop-ups
  • Visitor Database
  • Automated SMS delivery
  • Call centre
  • CRM
  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Dynamic page content