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info The Intercom Platform shows you who your customers are and what they do in your web and mobile apps, for free. It's customer intelligence in real-time.


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info UserEngage is a marketing automation platform for big and small companies. It collects all the possible data about users to provide them with personalized messages via chat, email, SMS, forms and pop-ups.

Hi there.

UserEngage is a great alternative to Intercom as it delivers more advanced automation functions and is a lot cheaper at the same time.

Take a look at the list of features that differentiate those two products.

Advanced automation

With UserEngage you can create communication flows of unlimited complexity and scale with a simple drag&drop automation editor. Those are behaviour triggered personalized messages in all communication channels.

There is no limit to the complexity of such mechanisms.

Here you can download a list of examples on how you can automate your sales process with UserEngage.

This feature is the single most important differentiator between UserEngage and Intercom. It completely changes the capabilities of the platform by enabling automation mechanisms so far only available to complex enterprise platforms.

Gather more data

Both systems have a similar scheme for user tracking but when it comes to more complex data, UserEngage goes way ahead.

  1. Dynamic Forms:
    UserEngage lets you automate showing your visitors Dynamic Forms for automatic data collection. You have full control over their appearance, style and data fields.
    You can for example show a newsletter subscription form to users who want to exit your website before signing up or ask about your prospect’s industry/size/position.
    All this data will go straight to user attributes making automated sales process more effective
  2. Tracking your website’s forms
    UserEngage enables you to find forms on your website and start tracking them without any coding. This enables you to gather every information your visitors provides you with.
  3. Gather information from user screen
    You can set automation mechanism that will download certain data from user’s screen and store the information as events or user attributes. This allows you for example to download product name and price once the user clicks “add to cart”. The list of applications of such mechanism is endless.

Provide omni-channel communication

UserEngage has the richest out-of-the-box communication offering available. It includes:

  1. Live chat

  2. Mailing

  3. SMS

  4. Dynamic Forms

  5. Pop-ups

  6. Dynamic Website Content

Dynamically change website content

With UserEngage you can use the data you have about your users to change your website content in a dynamic way. For example if you have a custom pricing for a given company, you can automate showing a given price in the pricing page to every user who uses that company’s email address. Another example: you can show your users different messages depending on what they were interested in or incorporate their location name in the title of the website.

Reporting and full analysis

UserEngage delivers reports on performance of your Sales, Support and Marketing initiatives. You receive full dashboards with data on every aspect of your online sales funnel.



We have created an entire CRM module that you can connect with marketing automation. The basic idea is this: marketing automation will nurture the leads in the early stage, score them, gather data about them and increase their engagement, but when the lead is ready to buy, this is where the CRM comes into play.

CRM allows you to:
1. Get a quick view of where your lead is on the sales pipeline
2. Add new nurturing tasks that the deal requires
3. Gather information about each company and lead so that you always know what to talk about
4. Schedule your activities and get notifications when they become overdue
5. Easily manage your team’s progress.

All deal view

Advanced mailing features

Both services offer a strong standard when it comes to mailing.

UserEngage goes beyond in 2 ways.

  1. Create complex logical mechanisms for email delivery. Send different emails throughout the campaign depending on user behaviour.

  2. Unique feature of tracked emails

    Here is how it works:

    1. You write an email with a link to your website in it

    2. You send it as a cold email to a list of contacts that have not yet visited your page

    3. Once they click the link and get to the website, the system creates their profile with the email address already there

  3. This simple trick will greatly improve your cold emails effectiveness as it lets you check contact’s behaviour and begin personalized communication from the first minute.

UserEngage takes support as nr. 1 priority

We take customer support as the core part of our product. Here are the three of our basic customer support policies:

  1. 24/7 on the spot support

  2. No redirecting, no waiting. We strive to give answers on the spot.

  3. Consultations

  4. You can get a one-on-one working session with automation experts and get

    • Feedback on your website

    • Ideas on how to improve conversion

    • Personalized plan of implementations that suits your website, business type and audience

UserEngage is cheaper

With UserEngage you only pay for the users you want to store. Each month you can delete the users you don’t need and only pay for the ones that matter. Our per user pricing is around 2-4 times cheaper than Intercom. The pricing is also more transparent. You simply choose a basic or premium plan and that’s it. Because the method of calculating the price is identical to Intercom’s, you can go to pricing and quickly calculate your savings.

More reliable servers

In the recent months Intercom has undergone far more downtime than UserEngage. With more stable servers you are sure that you will not lose a single moment for interacting with your customers.


Don’t take our word for it

To sum up

By switching to UserEngage you save your marketing automation spendings and get additional features including:

  • Advanced drag&drop marketing automation

  • HTML forms

  • Dynamic Page content

  • CRM

  • Dynamic website content

  • Website form scanning

  • Advanced rule-based email marketing

  • Unique cold email tracking feature

  • Free marketing and implementation working sessions

If that’s interesting to you, we have good news:

Quick Migration

As more companies were coming to UserEngage from Intercom, we decided to make the transition as smooth as possible with a dedicated Intercom importer. You can automatically migrate all contacts and conversations with just a few clicks.

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