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Fast and comfortable way of communication. Now you can send automatic messages and easily build new relationships.

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For support and customer success

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    Step 1: Someone asks a question on the chat

    Someone comes to your website but canʼt find certain information. Instead of leaving, asks a question via chat.

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    Step 2: The right support agent is automatically assigned

    Based on their behaviour, language and location they are assigned to the best fitting support agent.

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    Step 3: The agent receives an alert

    The agent gets a one-pager with all the information about the person in question and a list of all their actions on the website.

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    Step 4: The agent saves the day

    The agent replies using mobile or web app and if the person is no longer on the website, the response lands in their email inbox.

For sales and engagement

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    Step 1: Someone canʼt decide between two products

    UserEngage detects hesitation based on clicks, page views and time spent on the website.

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    Step 2: UserEngage sends an automatic message

    After spotting the hesitation, the system sends an automatic, personalised message offering your assistance.

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    Step 3: Visitors respond to the message

    After responding, the person is offered to submit contact information, just to stay in touch.

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    Step 4: You receive an alert about a new conversation

    Each time someone responds to your automatic message, you receive an email and a push notification.

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