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This module enables to check if a user has clicked a link from inside a particular email campaign.

With the Email Action module, you can check your users reactions to the email campaigns you send. This Condition enables to check if a user has clicked a link from a campaign of your choice.

This module helps to optimize your drip email campaigns by detecting whether your users reacted to a link inside your email campaigns or not. Let’s say, you create an action path based on the email campaign (to send a birthday card inside the email with a link to a special offer) and to check if a user has clicked, apply Condition module “Email Action”.

Let’s take a closer look - you want to send a new email campaign to everybody whose bday is on a particular date by dropping “On date & time” module and connecting it with “Filters” (custom attribute: bday date) and then Action: “Send an email campaign”. When it’s done, drop “Email Action” to check if your users have clicked the link inside the message. If yes, then send a different email campaign after 2 days (“Delay” → “Send a new email campaign”). If no, send another email campaign after 5 hours to encourage a person to click the link.

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