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Check any conditions. For example, if an user comes from Twitter, then run next action.

This module enables you to filter your users by a given criteria. You decide what kind of group you want to target. Click the module and you’ll see a list of different variables you can choose from to apply.

You can select people from a given country or city, if you have their email address (or if it’s located on a particular domain), coming from various referrers. It’s very useful to filter them according to the time of their first or last visit. You can apply your own attributes if you want to make it even more customizable.

For example, you can decide to send an automated email message to a group of people who come from Facebook (referrer), use Spanish as their browser language (browser language) and has added something to the cart (event). Then, they will see the text in Spanish: “Hi! I see you added our product to the cart. Maybe I can help you with finishing the purchase? BTW. Did you know that our Facebook followers receive a 10% discount on shipment?”.

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