Press Kit

The big picture:

Every website visitor is unique.

Companies communicate with every visitor in the same way.

That has to change.

If all internet companies in the world could:

  • know their visitors' intentions
  • plan different interaction depending on te visitor's behaviour
  • be able to approach visitors in an elegant, timely and convenient way

That would be the beginning of a truly personal internet business.

The problem

One-size-fits-all communication concept lowers user engagement. As much as 72% of consumers are frustrated with generic marketing. Businesses are aware of this but lack data and time to approach them in a personalised way.

Current soltions

  1. Enterprise class marketing automation software
    • Expensive
    • Lack agility
    • Months to deploy
    • Weeks to learn
    • Interface straight from the 00's

    The bottom line: Those systems are tailor made and efficient but that comes at a cost. They are hard to learn and difficult to change.

  2. Live chat apps, mailing platforms
    • Lack data for personalized communication
    • Aren't omnichannel
    • Impossible or complicated to setup sophisticated automatic communication

    Bottom line: Those systems are quick to setup but cannot deliver impressing results due to lack of synergy between data, multiple communication channels and planning.

Our solution

UserEngage is a marketing automation software that was created with one metric in mind: Revenue Growth / Time required for setup

It has 3 components:

  1. Data gathering:
    • UserEngage tracks every click and pageview on your website
    • Finds all social media profile of your users
    • Gets location, language, OS and more from their web browser

    Bottom line: UserEngage provides a 360° overview of each visitor.

  2. Communication planning:

    Building complex communication flows takes place in a simple drag&drop editor which operates with logical building blocks.

    Bottom Line: This editor lets anyone create entirely automatic yet personalised communication in minutes.

  3. Communication channels
    • Live chat
    • Email campaigns
    • Forms
    • Pop-ups
    • SMS

    Bottom line: You can automatically approach your visitors in the perfect moment, with a message tailored to their interests and needs.

Additional features:

  • 5 min integration plugins for 21 most popular web platforms including Wordpress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Presta Shop, Open Cart
  • Integrations with Zapier, Slack, FullContact and Twilio
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


UserEngage is an app that you install on your website and access via browser in order to:

  1. Collect information about your users
  2. Automate your communication based on what you know about your users
  3. Have
    • live chat widget for your website
    • forms, modals and pop-ups editor
    • emails creation and sending platform


  1. In 2014, our team worked on a huge open-source project called CivilHub. Despite positive feedback, our users quickly lost interest in the website.
  2. We’ve built an app that collects all the possible data about users and engages them personally via live chat based on their behaviour to figure out what was going on
  3. It quickly gained traction as more and more people asked us to share the tool.
  4. 8 months down the development road, the tool was made public.

Bottom line: We made the tool to solve problems that we also experienced. We perfectly understand our users and their needs. The app was made public because of huge enthusiasm of the community.


Intercom, Mailchimp - live chat, email campaign manager, data aggregator

Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot - full marketing automation software

Livechat - well… live chat

Why is this better

  • Automation process is quick and dead simple
  • UserEngage gathers more useful data
  • Setup takes few hours
  • It is more affordable (40% cheaper than the closest competitors)
  • By combining user analytics

Business model

UserEngage works in a Saas model with monthly subscription starting at $59 / month. The price of the plan is calculated based on the amount of website’s visitors.

The market we are addressing

The global marketing automation market has generated the revenue of $ 3.86 Billion in 2016 and is anticipated to reach up to $ 6.58 Billion by 2022.

Current funding

UserEngage is 100% self-funded, which means more independence (don’t answer to anyone), understanding the value of every penny and also creating a leverage for future fundraising

The founder

Grzegorz Warzecha - CEO and Founder

IT sector veteran and serial entrepreneur. Built a large IT training company from ground up and created global open-source Civilhub initiative. With years of experience as manager and programmist has both leadership skills, IT understanding and visionary approach.