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Easy-to-use CRM that will keep you organised and take repetitive tasks out of your hands.

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CRM for sales people, not clerks

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    Step 1: Someone submits email via pop-up form

    Someone submits their contact information in an automated pop-up to receive a free ebook or simply to apply for a meeting with you.

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    Step 2: New deal is created automatically in your CRM

    Each new, identifiable person lands in your sales pipeline along with all the information about their behaviour, location and previous conversations.

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    Step 3: All the sales activities are scheduled automatically

    You donʼt need to schedule anything yourself. The system will automatically detect a new opportunity and schedule everything you need to do.

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    Step 4: You get all the stats about your teamʼs performance

    You have access to information about your teamʼs sales and activity numbers, giving you full view of whoʼs crushing the quota at the moment.

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