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The secret sauce? Data. Only when you know everything about the prospect, you can create automated emails that are truly engaging and unique.

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Old mailing, new tricks.

Nurture leads hands-free

Simply create rules that will send different emails depending on what the visitor does on your website.

Send behaviour triggered emails

Send instant emails when the prospect performs certain action such as registration or price quote query.

Up-sell and cross-sell

Sell more products by sending personalized emails based on the products the customer has already bought.

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What the visitor sees

Your visitor registers on the page, visits the pricing page 3 times but does not buy anything. He also doesn't contact you. This is exactly when he will receive this email.

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How you automate it

All you have to do is use our drag and drop automation builder and create a rule that will send the personalized email in the perfect moment to the right person.

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Compose beautiful emails with a drag & drop editor

Build stunning email designs by simply dragging and dropping simple elements on the canvas.


Quickstart with ready to use templates

UserEngage comes with a library of industry specific, ready to use templates for all occasions.


Data fueled mailing

Dynamic content

Make your communication more engaging by Including names, or company names in your emails.

Strict targeting

Your emails will only reach the strictly targeted audience letting you completely personalize the experience.

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Full reporting and A/B testing

Track the impact each email copy has on your conversion with full reports on email opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

Real life examples

See how the best in class companies use automation to crush their business goals.

Notification when user whose trial ends comes back

In this example we will automate email notifications to sales representatives every time someone whose email address we have comes back to our website.

How it works

Email before the end of the trial

Remind the lead that his trial is slowly coming to an end to increase your chances for a meaningful conversation leading to conversion.

How it works

Welcome email after registration

It’s been proven that the faster you contact the leads, the better your chances for conversion are. In this action we will send an automated email exactly 30 minutes after the registration event.

How it works

Send emails your visitors love

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