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Tutorial on how to integrate your FullContact with UserEngage

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FullContact API Integration, gives us ability to find all social networks that your visitor / user / customer have. But very important is that we pay to FullContact $6 per 1k found results for your users. In our application we have very low price, so we charge you $7 per 1k found results for your users. After you activate this module we start checking all social networks for your users.

NOTE: You will have to upgrade your account plan to use FullContact API.
  1. You will need to have already registered FullContact account
  2. Head over to https://app.userengage.com/clients/integrations/fullcontact/.
  3. Choose your app you want FullContact to work with..

Afterwards, your users profile could look like this (please note the social icons at the top)

If you have any issues with this integration - feel free to contact us. We're here for you!

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Your API KEY can be found here:
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