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Sales statistics

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    Step 1: New leads come into your pipeline

    Visitors come to your website and you manage to grab their contact information.

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    Step 2: Track the number of created tasks

    You want to watch how many activites your sales team created and thereby who is most engaged.

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    Step 3: Watch who is most likely to convert

    You track where leads that move down your pipeline come from.

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    Step 4: See who sells the most

    You keep an eye on your sales agents’ performance and see who manages to sell most.

Support statistics

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    Step 1: How many people contacted you via chat

    Your website visitors use an opportunity to receive quick response and leave a message on chat.

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    Step 2: See how quickly each team member responds

    You watch how long it takes each team member to respond and evaluate their performance.

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    Step 3: Compare the engagement of your team members

    Based on the number of messages sent, you can keep track on who from your support team was most occupied talking with your clients.

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