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The more information you gather, the better your marketing will be. Once installed on your website, UserEngage automatically collects the data about each of your visitors. You can use it to target your messages, personalize communication, analyze your sales funnels and find the most promising leads.

User tracking

The more information you gather, the better your marketing will be. Once installed on your website, UserEngage automatically collects the data about each of your visitors. You can use it to target your messages, personalize communication, analyze your sales funnels and find the most promising leads.

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You can find users that meet specific criteria by setting filtering rules. The process does not require coding and takes seconds.

User Behavior tracking

UserEngage tracks every page view and event your visitors perform along with the information about the exact time of each interaction.

Browser and device information

Automatically gather information about: referring page, language, location, OS, screen resolution, device and IP.

Social Media info

With the FullContact integration, UserEngage can automatically search through all social media profiles of your users to get the information you need.

Dynamic Segments

You can track your sales funnels and target specific groups of users with dynamic segments that meet specific criteria

Lists and tags

You can create lists of contacts (like a newsletter list) and assign custom tags (like VIP user) and notes (for internal communication purposes)

Custom Events

Add your custom events in JS in order to track custom behaviors like adding a product to the cart.

Custom Attributes

Create your own user attributes that work well with your sales needs. For example “Lead’s industry” or “Company size “.

Contacts Import / Export

You can import your contacts using Zapier, Mailchimp importer or a CSV file. Moreover, if you use Intercom, you can import all your conversations and data directly from your account.

User Timeline

Each user has his own profile that includes all information about his attributes and the timeline of all interactions with your website and agents.

Full API

You can integrate your system with UserEngage database with our API. It allows you to exchange and manage user data, connect with marketing automation, chat and use the mailing system.


The best way to engage users is to spark a conversation. UserEngage provides you with a live chat widget that will appear on your website, allowing you to help your visitors make the purchasing decision. You can chat with them via UserEngage desktop or mobile app.

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In-App messages

A chat message can be displayed in a multiple of different forms including a floating box on the side of the screen which opens the conversation thread when clicked. It is elegant and effectively grabs visitors’ attention

Unlimited proactive invitations

You can approach your visitors with a super personalized chat message like a welcome message and finding out what they’re looking for!


We enable a full customization of your widget so that it works well with your website and business type. It includes the size, position, color theme and structure.

Mobile apps

UserEngage provides you with a free mobile app for iOS and Android to chat with your visitors wherever you are.

Chat message as emails

A new visitor who sends a chat message will be asked for the email address. If you respond after he leaves the page, your message will be sent as an email to the provided address.


You can set notifications so that you are always prompted when someone is messaging you on the live chat.

Default Replies

To make the support easier and your answers more precise, you can make a library of default replies easily accessible from the chat panel.

Automatic Assignment

You can set rules concerning the way your visitors are assigned to agents. This will make Customer Support easier and better organized.

Agent Groups

You can assign your users to specialized support divisions such as IT, sales or basic support in order to provide a high quality support at each step of the user journey.


UserEngage provides the full mailing service including email tracking and analytics, sending emails is bulk, HTML templates and A/B testing. Having marketing automation, user database and mailing in one place enables you to personalize and target your messages with the unmatched accuracy.

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Create email campaigns and address them to users who meet specific criteria. You can schedule campaigns to start at a given date.

HTML templates

UserEngage supports HTML templates along with a wide range of out of the box templates that you can customize right in the app.

Tracking and testing

See who opens, clicks and unsubscribes your emails with up to a single minute accuracy. All this information goes to the user profile for the further automation.

Set a cookie from link

When sending cold emails with UserEngage, a receiver of an email is automatically added to the database along with the email address.


In case you have your own SMTP, you can connect it with UserEngage and send emails via our application. It will be connected with your database and marketing automation.

IMAP integration

Connect your inbox with UserEngage and see all the emails you get from prospects right in their profile timelines.

A/B tests

Compare different versions of your email messages and get a detailed report about the effectiveness of each of them.

Clicks and opens of emails

Every time your user opens an email or clicks a link in it, the information about it lands in his user timeline along side page views and events performed.


Marketing automation allows you to set mechanisms that will categorize, score and communicate with your users. Make it work in minutes with a simple drag&drop editor. They are made of 3 type of components: Triggers - they spark the process, Conditions - let you filter through users and Actions - what you actuall want the system to do once the criteria is met

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Event Trigger

Event is any sort of action performed on your website by your users. For example, when somebody clicks a given button. You create events using JavaScript API or REST API.

Page Visit

Start the action path when a person visits your page. You decide whether you want to focus on one specific page or ones that include a given string.

Chat Message

React accordingly when you receive a chat message from someone visiting your website. Set automatic responses when you don’t respond for a given amount of time.

On Date and Time

It triggers the action path at a given date and time. Very useful for marketing actions planned in advance such as holiday discounts.or product launches.


This module enables you to filter your users depending on whether or not their attributes meet specific criteria. For example: users from UK and speak French or German.

Form Submitted

Use this Condition when you want to automate the action path if a user submits the information via a given dynamic form.

Clicked Modal

When you show a pop-up window, you might want to go on with a specific scenario only if your users accepts or declines a modal.

Email Received

It allows you to take an action aimed solely at users who have or haven’t received a particular email campaign and act accordingly.

Email Action

Check if a user has clicked a given link in an email campaign. It helps you send reminders to those that haven’t.


Check if one of your agents has replied to a question submitted by a user. Useful when your agents are away but you want to show that you care about every single user.

Visited Page

Act differently depending on whether or not a user has visited a page of a given type or url. It lets you target communication to people interested in a particular section of the website.

Split A/B

This module will direct traffic into two paths in order to facilitate comparing different automation mechanisms.

Send a Chat Message

Send a chat message to a user who has gone through the condition filtering.The content can include user attributes such as “Name” enabling you to automatically send personalized message.

Send an Email Campaign

Send a predefined email campaign when a given criteria is met. It can also trigger further actions from “on open”, “on click” “on sent” and “on unsubscribed” nodes.

Show Form

Display an HTML dynamic form aimed at gathering custom information about users. You can build forms yourself or take them from our library of templates.

Show a Modal

Display a highly customized and personalized pop-up message. It can have different placements, sizes and forms. It is aimed at convincing the user to click the CTA button with a link.

Add to a list, remove from a list

After performing a given action, add or remove your users from particular lists. Useful when you want to add or delete users from newsletters.

Add a Tag

Automatically add custom tags to the profiles of users who completed the automation path. Having the tags such as “VIP customer” at sight enables better customer support.

Update Field

Change the user’s standard or custom attributes such as “Name” or “Company Size” to a given value.


This module delays further actions for a specific amount of time. It is irreplaceable when your actions are distributed in time (perfect for drip campaigns!)

Agent Email

Notifiy an agent with an email message when a user performs a specific action such as purchasing / canceling subscription or posting a comment.

API Call

Send an API call once the criteria of the action path is met. It enables simple integration with any system.

Change Score

Add or subtract user scoring points. You can score users for any actions on your website, which helps find the ones who are the most engaged.

Add Note

Automatically add a note to the user profile. It can contain event data such as “bought product X” or “asked for price quote for X”. This module can help streamline the sales and support process.


Sends an SMS to a user via Twilio. Why not to send a text message to a user who hasn’t logged in for the last 2 days?

Finish Path

Use it to see the statistics how many visitors and users got through your action path. Measure the effectiveness of your strategies by checking the filtered users and those who completed the path.

Page content changer

Create rules for changing the content of your page with targeted and personalised elements including user attributes such as his location name.

Data collector

Download information straight from your visitor’s screen without coding. You can for example collect information from contact forms the user fills out or see the product he viewed.

Tag added

Begin an automated process when the user is assigned a certain tag. For example when user receives a tag “Customer” you can send him a welcome email campaign.

Deleted a tag

Create a nurturing cadence when user loses a tag. For example when a visitor loses a tag “Customer” send a campaign asking why did he cancel his subscription.

Delete a tag

Automatically delete a tag when some chain of events occur. For example delete tag “Low price fan” when someone buys a product worth more than $300.

Added to a list

Begin a series of nurturing emails when someone is added to a mailing list. Best example? When someone signs up for the newsletter… send him the newsletter.

Deleted from a list

You can have multiple buttons for unsubscribing from the email list. You can trigger an instant chat message everyone someone clicks one of those.

Create a deal

Automate adding a new deal to crm once the visitor performs a task like signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free ebook or contacting sales.

Schedule an activity

Schedule any type of activity (price quote, email, call, meeting) in your sales rep calendar based on the user behaviour.

Change deal state

Automatically move the deal forward when the visitor performs a specified task. For example move the user from “Verified lead” to “Client” when they purchase one of your products.

Add to phone call campaign

Add the user’s number to a call center campaign instantly when he performs given action. For example when they sign up for your trial, they will receive a call from the sales team immediately.


Aggregate the value of total products bought or the number of times the user has viewed a certain product and display this number in his user profile.

Change custom attribute

Increase or decrease the value of user attribute when he performs a certain action. For example every time he visits a page including /product/ in the URL, increase the value of the “product viewed count” by 1.

User responded

Check if the user has responded to any of your chat messages in a selected number of seconds. It’s very helpful as the second message usually has a very high reply rate.

Agent responded

Check if the agent has responded to a query on chat. It’s particularly useful when you receive messages when away from the keybord.

Email action

Check if the user has opened an email or clicked a link inside of it. It’s particularly useful for making sure a prospect paid attention to an important message.

IMAP email

See if the user has sent you an email within a given period of time. It’s helpful for outbound mailing cadences and follow-up emails.


Check if the user is a part of a larger specified user segment such as “new visitors”, “clients” or “power user”.

Form submitted trigger

Sparks an automated process when the user fills out a dynamic HTML form that you’ve showed him.


When the stakes are really high and the lead is ready, it's best to move on with a manual sales process. This is why we've created a CRM system that is easy to use and fully integrated with marketing automation

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Those are your opportunities. You can move them between sales funnel steps and see all information connected with them in their profiles. Manage your pipelines & sales in a simple way.


You can note all that has been done in order to close the deal: meetings, calls, emails and tasks. Everything in one place.


Keep a single database with information about all your clients, partners and providers. Build a full knowledge base about future past and current deals.

Workflow Integration

You can connect UserEngage CRM - Activities with your calendar to keep everything handy and organised. Adding activity in our CRM add a event inside your calendar.

Permissions Management

Manage the permissions for your agents. Decide on the access levels - who can send messages, export and import data.


UserEngage has a completely new approach to data and analytics. Connecting all the data sources, they allow you to create your own data dashboards that include any user behaviour, sales or support metric you can come up with.

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Create your own reports and analytics boards with a simple drag and drop editor. You can measure anything from team performance to conversion.

CRM statistics

You can build your own CRM reporting and analysis board that details the performance of each sales rep, acquisition channel and sales strategy.

Track aggregated sales

You can see the detailed total value of transfers from customers acquired by any marketing channel or sales tactics.

Conversion impact measurement

You can compare the conversion rate between people who received a given message and those who did not. Creating your own conversion A/B test is a breeze.

Number of registrations over time

See on which day you get the biggest number of registrations and arrange the task of your teams to best suit your business dynamics.

Number of ongoing conversations

See how many prospects currently chat with your agents to see if they need additional human resources or do you have spare pair of hands.

Number of messages per agent

Compare performance of each agent with detailed statistics on the number of messages sent via chat.

Time of response per agent

See the average response time of each customer support agent and make sure that the leaders are rewarded for their performance.

Number of total visits

See the trends around your website traffic and double down on the best performing marketing campaigns.

Users for each segment

Check the size of any type of website visitors. For example see the number of visitors from the lates marketing campaign who bought red shoes with the price above $120.

Companies for each segment

Analyse the number of companies of given type that flow into your CRM. That gives you the picture of which companies are your best performing audience.

Contact center

Keep in touch with your customers wherever they are. Send them quick SMS notifications or alert them about the newest discount campaign. You can also call your users using straight from the app.

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Send SMS

Create targeted SMS campaigns with personalized content inside. You can mass deliver messages that contain user attributes such as “First name” or “City name”.

Buy a phone number

You do not need your own number as we integrate with Twilio and let you buy a call center number inside the app.

Automated calling

Automate scheduling a call to a certain prospect based on his behaviour on the website.

Calling from user profile

Call your prospects from within their user profiles so that you can personalize your script to include details about the customer behaviour on the website.

Record calls

Each call can be recorded and stored within UserEngage. It’s a must have solution for any company that wants to increase the quality of it’s calling strategies.


Upload your own call scripts so that your callers always know what to say and how to say it.

Receive calls

You can receive inbound calls from support lines or sales lines right within UserEngage. All of those are automatically redirected to the right sales or support agent.