UserEngage API documentation

Our API helps you get user info and display it on your website, import & export from/to our platform and it's great for integrations! We're still adding more functions, if you have any suggestions - do not hesitate and let us know!


You should be able to login to the dashboard at this point. If you haven't created an UserEngage account yet, you will need to sign up, as well as, you'll need to have the UserEngage script/plugin/module or addon installed.

You should also be comfortable with our panel before proceeding.

Getting help

Please take the time to read through our documentation before doing anything, but if you find yourself stuck somewhere along the way or have feedback you'd like to give us, please feel free to message us .

Get started

To start using the UserEngage Platform, the first thing you'll need to do is create an account. Head over to the sign-up page to create your account, so we can get started.

Obtain your API key here