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SMS campaign in action

  • Pop-up bgPop-up

    Step 1: Visitor's behaviour triggers pop-up

    Someone wants to exit your website and sees a pop-up offering a discount in return for their phone number.

  • sms user backgroundsms user

    Step 2: They leave their phone number

    The person submits their number and is added to an SMS campaign list.

  • Call backgroundCall

    Step 3: Send personalised SMS

    You create an SMS campaign where content is adjusted to the receiver.

Calling campaign in action

  • Pop-upSending email

    Step 1: Visitor leaves their phone number

    Visitor wants to be contacted and after leaving their phone number is added to a calling campaign.

  • Pop-upActivity in CRM

    Step 2: Sales team gets notified

    Previously set automation sends an email or a push notification automatically to appropriate sales representative.

  • Pop-upReceive a message

    Step 3: Sales person review user's profile

    Sales person gets familiar with the visitor's case by going through their user's profile and chooses proper calling script.

  • Pop-upReceive a message

    Step 4: Sales rep calls directly from UserEngage

    Sales person makes the call directly from the profile so they have everything at hand.

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