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UserEngage CRM detects new leads, nurtures them and knows when the lead is ready to buy. This is where you come in.

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Get leads when they are ready to buy

Lead generation

Encourage visitors to call you, provide their email addresses and let them schedule meetings with your sales reps. All of that hands free.

Lead nurturing

When a new lead comes in, send them a series of personal emails adjusted to lead's behaviour on the website.

Lead verification

Send leads to sales representatives when they perform a key action such as registering on your website or downloading an ebook.

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Clear view for clear deals

This simple canvas view of the deals just feels right. Manage your ongoing sales processes by simply dragging and dropping cards.


Data-driven sales strategies

Track the number of deals in each stage of the sales funnel and get email notifications when they got closed. Test different sales strategies and compare your results.

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Grow out of spreadsheets

Data about every interaction between your business and a given company, contact and deal in a single place.

  • Contacts


    Database for every client

    Keep track of every email, page view and chat message of your prospect. With all the information you will perfectly know what the lead is looking for.

  • Companies


    Build relationships that last

    A single database with every client and partner. Let your entire team contribute to building a full knowledge base about future, past and current deals.

  • Activities


    Schedule all the nurturing activities

    Schedule activities manually or have the automation system do it for you. Either way, stay informed with alerts and notification emails.

Notifications on key events

Get a quick notification whenever someone joins your sales pipeline.

More examples

Email opened

Get a mobile notification when a prospect opens your email and call him in just the right moment.

Page visited

Send a chat message to your lead when he enters your website.

Scoring increased

Notify your sales reps when the lead's scoring increases over certain level.


Get a quick update for all new registrations on your website.

Real life examples

See how the best in class companies use automation to crush their business goals.

Add visitors who ask questions to CRM

SalesMake sure that new visitors who ask questions are later contacted by sales representatives by uploading them to CRM.

How it works

New CRM deal on registration

Organise your lead management and make sure your sales reps receive new leads in just the right moment. In this automation we create a new deal every time someone registers on your website.

How it works

Notification when user whose trial ends comes back

In this example we will automate email notifications to sales representatives every time someone whose email address we have comes back to our website.

How it works

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