Make your page reflect each visitor's uniqueness

Show each visitor what really triggers them with page content dynamically adjusting to their behaviour.

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Target your messages

You can select types of visitors who will see the dynamic content. For example you can show a different headline to every visitor from New York.


Personalise website content

The dynamic elements can contain user attributes such as Location, Name or Surname.

How it actually works

All you have to do is choose the website element that will be changed, tell us what should be placed there and who should see the dynamic content.

  1. 1

    Choose the element you want to change

    Simply tell the system which element of the page should be dynamically changed.

  2. 2

    Provide new content with user tags

    Deliver the code that will be put in it's place

  3. 3

    Automate content replacement

    Using simple drag & drop modules, automate swapping two parts of code.


A/B testing and reporting

You can compare two different parts and measure their conversion or number of interactions using simple data dashboards.

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