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Email Marketing

Send emails your users enjoy receiving with strict targeting and content personalization.

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How UserEngage CRM can help you increase sales?

Our secret sauce is the data. Only by combining information from all sources you are able to personalize your messages and make them unique.

Only relevant messages

With access to automation you can trigger messages based on user behaviour so you only send emails that your users need to read.

Personalize Emails

You can include user attributes such as “First Name” or “Surname” in your emails to make them look more personal.

Find the best copy

You can set up A/B tests to compare open, click through, and unsubscribe rates of 2 or more emails.

Custom email templates

You can use our free email templates or use your own to provide beautiful, media rich messages from day 1.

Engage your current contacts

You can import your current list of contacts and start sending them emails right away.

Drip marketing

With drip marketing you will stay at the top of your users’ minds so whenever they need a product like yours, they will get in touch.

Behaviour triggered messages

You can trigger email dispatch with marketing automation rules. For example: you can automatically send a message to users who seem to hesitate with the buying decision.

Follow-up campaigns

Set a queue of emails to be sent one by one after the user registers on your website. This will make him more engaged and ensures that he perfectly understands your product.

Outbound emails

UserEngage mailing enables you to send outreach emails and track the behaviour of users who clicked the links in those messages. With this information your can personalize your communication to that person from the first minutes.

Responding to chat queries

In many cases, visitors who message you on the chat will leave their email address and become offline. UserEngage mailing is integrated with the chat so all chat messages you send to users who are offline will be delivered as emails.

Analyse mailing statistics

UserEngage provides full email tracking with open, click through and unsubscribe rates. You can see how different messages perform and A/B/X test them.

Keep separate mailing lists

You can form different mailing lists for newsletter subscribers, customers, trial users and other type of contacts. They will receive separate mailing sequences.

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