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Find the users who really matter

Find the people who share common traits such as high spendings or strong engagement by filtering through your database

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Simple interface

The filtering mechanism is completely codeless. It all comes down to saying what should be the characteristics of the person you look for. For example the referring page should contain facebook

  • Choose the attribute

    In order to find users who share a common trait you firstly have to choose the attributes or events that it refers to

  • Choose the desired value

    Having the attribute, set the logical operators such as "equal to", "contains", or "greather than". Type in the desired value of this attribute

  • Combine rules

    You can combine different filtering rules to make complex searches. For example you can find the users who speak spanish AND were logged in from London OR Paris

  • Goal oriented filtering

    You can create your own user attributes such as "Trial days left" and filter users depending on it's value. For example you can find users who have 2 days left of trial and haven't yet visited the pricing page

User Behaviour filtering

You can find people who have performed a certain action adding a blue t-shirt to the cart and not finishing the transaction.

Most useful filtering examples

Shopping carts

Find users who added a certain product to the cart but haven’t made the purchase yet. This will let you target those users with custom ads and emails

Slipping Away

Find users who become less and less engaged in order to get them back on track

Ads optimization

You can find people coming from a certain marketing campaign. This lets you communicate with them in a more personal way

Find the VIPs

In most businesses, small fraction of customers deliver a huge part of the profit. Find the big spenders to provide top support and make them feel special

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