Turn visitors into leads without moving a finger

Show contact forms to your visitors and gather leads in a timely and elegant way.

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Get email addresses

Offer a free ebook or simply encourage the visitor to join your newsletter list with dynamic forms triggered with user behaviour.

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Gather phone numbers

Offer to call the user back if he provides his phone number and get a notification for each filled out form straight to your mobile device.

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How it actually works

Here is an example: Every time someone new comes to your page and visits your pricing page exactly 3 times, show him a form offering a phone call from a consultant.


Drag & drop form builder

A simple and intuitive email builder will let you create any design of your form in a matter of minutes.


Ready to use templates

Build mailing lists faster and get more calls with access to a library of form templates optimised for conversion.

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Notifications for new leads

Get instant mobile or email notifications whenever someone fills out your form.

New registration

Get an email when a new lead registers on your website.

Awaiting phone call

Get a mobile notification when someone submits phone number.

Price quote query

Send email to account manager when a new price quote query comes in.

Meeting scheduled

Get an email when someone registers for a free call with you.


Compare and measure results

Track the number of new leads

Check how many people fill out your forms and optimise their design for conversion.

A/B test designs

Compare different designs and pop-up triggers to see which approach gives best results.

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