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Reach your customers wherever they are

UserEngage is a single tool that lets you send automated messages to your shoppers and clients in every channel.


Engage shoppers on your website

You only have several seconds to make a visitor stay on your website. Increase sales by engaging new visitors before they leave your page.

Live chat

Send automated chat messages and let shoppers ask questions about your products.

Dynamic Forms

Build your mailing list and stay in touch with the visitors using targeted pop-up forms.

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Stay in touch with customers using personalised emails

Send beautiful, data-driven emails to make more shoppers come back to your website.

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Reach out to offline customers

SMS campaigns

Send automated SMS campaigns with promotions and coupons to users who haven't visited your website for a long time.

Call centre automation

Turn VIP customers into advocates by calling them with single time offers and promotions.

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How it actually works

Here is an example: Send an automated targeted chat message to visitors who have visited the pricing page exactly 3 times, but haven't yet provided their email address.

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Ready to use templates

Increase your retention and sales from day one with a library of ready to use templates optimised for quick results.

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Full reporting and analysis

Track your sales, new registrations and traffic from each source.

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Real life examples

See how the best in class companies use automation to crush their business goals.

Tag VIP buyers and provide them with top support

You can tag someone as a VIP customer every time he or she makes an expensive purchase.

How it works

Save abandoned carts

Send an email reminder to users who have provided their email address and added some products to cart but haven’t decided bought them.

How it works

Chat message to hesitating shoppers

Find new visitors that review many products on your page and offer your help with selecting the perfect match for them.

How it works

Simple and quick implementation

UserEngage team can help you pick the best automation ideas and actually implement all of them for you.

  1. 1

    Needs assessment and case studies

    During the first call, we will show you all the best practices you can implement.

  2. 2

    Ready to use account handover

    We implement all those automation mechanisms on a new account and hand it over when it's ready.

  3. 3

    Trainings and optimisation

    We finish the implementation by training your staff and advising you on optimising your automations.

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