Increase enrollment and build long lasting relationships with online communication

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See which course the visitor is interested in

By tracking each visitor's clicks you will learn which courses he finds the most interesting.

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Get a one pager on every potential student

With click and page view tracking, enriched with personal data and communication history, you get a full picture of who each prospect actually is.

  • Clicks and events

  • Messaging history

  • Personal data


Resolve questions and increase sales with chat

Resolve questions

Answer student chat queries to increase chances for conversion.

Spark conversations

Send automated chat messages that reflect student's interests.

Turn questions into emails

Set an autoreply mechanism that asks for an email address of every prospect contacting you via chat.

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Generate leads with personalised forms

Stack's visual style is simple yet distinct, making it an ideal starting point for your project whether it be a basic marketing site, or multi-page company presence.

  • Get more leads


    Offer free reports to get more leads

    Offer a feee report about your courses to get visitor's email address.

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  • Get calls from customers


    Offer free calls and consultations

    Turn your inbound traffic into phone calls by showing a form with an invitation for a free call with an expert.

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  • Close deals faster


    Use quick discounts to close deals faster

    Show discount codes to visitors who are hesitating on your website. Just like that you can cut the sales process by weeks.

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Build relationships with targeted mailing

Send a personalized email with congratulations each time a student gets an A. You can also send a predefined message including receiver name or surname to every student who attented a certain course.

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Close deals with key partners

Make sure that your key accounts get the attention they deserve. UserEngage CRM will automatically detect new leads and schedule nurturing activities.

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Connect with your students wherever they are

Retain your students and build a long lasting relationship by calling them and sending SMS campaigns with reminders about new courses and events.

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Keep track of your progress

New registrations

See how many people register on your website and how many of them actually become paying customers.

New students

See the trends behind the number of new students, their retention and upselling opportunities.

Traffic sources

Check which traffic sources bring the best results and optimise your strategy to maximise the number of conversions.

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Quick implementation

Implement UserEngage on your website in less than 7 minutes and start engaging your visitors from day 1.

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