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Get more appointments ^1200 by ^300 communicating with empathy

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Detect what every visitor needs

Knowing your visitor's page views and clicks, UserEngage detects what problem does the user came to you with. Just like that instead of an anonymous visitor you communicate with a real human being having issues that you can help solving.

Store user data securely

All your visitor's data such as previous appointments, emails sent, clicks and page views is stored in a single profile secured with technology used by biggest financial corporations.

Connect with page visitors on a more personal level.

  • Automatically spark engaging conversations

    Knowing what the user is looking for, you can easily start an engaging conversation.

  • Gather contacts from inbound traffic

    Every person that you talk via chat will be asked to provide the email address.

Turn more visitors into friends.

  • Stop visitors from leaving

    Every time a new visitor is trying to leave the page, you can show him a special offer.

  • Turn your traffic into appointments

    Offer your users to call them back once they provide their phone numbers.

Adjust your page to patient's situation

Your page can dynamically adjust to better fit your patient's health issues, so everyone will see what is the most important for them.

Build long lasting relationships

Use targeted emails to create bond with the patient

Create a real connection with the patient by sending emails with articles relevant to his health issues.

How to do this

Automate every message

Using a simple drag and drop editor you can automate any support, marketing or sales workflow.

Connect with your patients wherever they are

Retain your customers by calling them and sending SMS campaigns reminding them about the checkups they should make.

How to do this

System for dealing with corporate partners

Losing a large deal is out of question. UserEngage CRM will automatically detect potential customers and notify your sales reps about them.

Measure your progress

Keep a quick access to all the information about the number of new patients, appointments, visitors and contacts.

How to do this

Use UserEngage to help your customers!

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