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Sell properties by sparking conversation in just the right moments.

Categorize prospects based on their behaviour

Based on website browsing patterns, you can categorize your visitors into groups such as: VIPs, families, students and so on.

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Offices

Get a one pager on everyone you speak with

Every time a new person comes to your website, UserEngage gives you info on what he was looking for, where is he from, what price ranges are the most interesting for him and so on.

How to do this

Offer a quick summary to users who want to leave

Every time someone is reviewing your products and decides to leave the page, you can show him a pop-up form with the picture of 5 last viewed estates and an offer to send those by email. It’s entirely automated and will generate a steady stream of new leads.

How to do this

Find users who need just a little push to buy

Turn hesitating visitors into fresh leads

If someone hesitates about a property, you can immediately show him a form with an offer to be contacted if the property gets discounted. It’s a great way to get fresh leads waiting to be closed.

How to do this

Make your visitors stay longer on your website

Lower the bounce rate with dynamic landing pages

You can make your website dynamically adjust to user preferences. For example your main tagline can adapt to user location and say “Experience the best real estate in {{user location}}”. This simple trick will skyrocket your conversion.

How to do this

Resolve questions and sell via chat

  • Spark conversation

    Send an automated chat message with phone call invitation every time someone views more than 10 properties worth more than $1 million each.

  • Get email addresses

    Everyone who sends you a chat message will be asked to provide an email address. Just like that you can get tens of warm leads.

Send the best leads to the best sales reps

UserEngage will detect new leads and automatically upload them to your CRM, send you a heads-up email and schedule your nurturing activities for the next several days.

Connect with your patients wherever they are

Retain your customers by calling them and sending SMS campaigns reminding them about the checkups they should make.

How to do this

Keep track of your progress

  • New leads

    Measure the number of leads from every traffic source and optimize your lead generation strategy.

  • Sales

    You can see the total value of all deals signed with visitors from a certain marketing campaign.

  • Agent performance

    Get reports on the number of deals and client interactions of every sales rep.

How real estate companies drive revenue with marketing automation

  • Ready to use mechanisms for detecting the most promising prospects.
  • Actionable solutions for lead generation.
  • Marketing automation cheet-sheets.
  • Ideas for how to engage customers without sending a single email yourself.
  • Templates for cheap and flawless customer support.

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