With the right live chat, support becomes the new sales

Convert visitors into customers with a live chat provides you with a one-pager on everyone you speak with.

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Personal touch that every website needs

Engage at just the right moment

Get notified or send an automated chat message when the system detects user hesitation or confusion.

Generate leads from inbound traffic

A single question that brings hundreds of leads: Could you provide your email so we can stay in touch?

Help your customers

Your visitors don't spend hours searching for answers. They just remain. With a chat, they ask a quick question and stay with your business.

How does it actually work

Here is an example: Send an automated and targeted chat message to visitors who have visited the pricing page exactly 3 times, but haven't yet provided their email address.

More examples

Build any automated workflow you can imagine

Speak to your customer by name

Having data about your visitor you can personalize your messages to include their names or company names.

Perfect timing and targeting

Knowing the pages someone has visited you can detect the perfect moment to send an automated chat message.

Autoresponses and tickets

You can build your own support workflows from ticketing systems to autoresponders.

Clear interface for clear answers

We've doubled down on simplicity to make support agents focused and clear-minded

  • Simple interface

  • Data about the user

  • Contact management


Stay in touch wherever you are

Help your customers make the buying decision no matter where you are using our iOS and Android app.

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