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Marketing Automation

Discover new opportunities and save time by automating a wide range of sales and marketing processes.

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How automation works

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    Step 1: Select the action that will trigger the automation

    You can choose anything such as certain click, page view or chat message as the automation’s trigger.

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    Step 2: Use filters to select the right people

    You can target your automations to cover a specific type of people, e.g., those living in New York.

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    Step 3: Choose the messaging channel

    Choose between chat, email, SMS and other forms of communication to send a personalised, targeted message.

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    Step 4: Make your automations even more advanced

    There is no limit to what you can automate. Build any flow to fit your business processes and company goals.

Examples of automations you can create

  • Pop-upSending email

    Targeted and personalised email campaign

    Send an email campaign that is adjusted to your contacts’ behaviour. This way people will receive different emails depending, e.g., on how much they bought from you.

  • Pop-upActivity in CRM

    Automatic work scheduling in CRM

    After a new opportunity is created, you can automate scheduling nurturing activities for your sales representatives.

  • Pop-upReceive a message

    Alerts for key interactions of VIP customers

    You can select any segment of customers, let’s say your new customers, and automate custom alerts triggered by some key behaviours such as email opens or returning to your website.

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