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Increase conversion at every stage of the sales funnel

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Stage 1: Visitor

Hook a your visitor with behaviour triggered messages, resolve his questions and turn him into a warm lead with the live chat integrated with marketing automation.


One-on-one support will keep your visitors longer on the website. With answers for all their queries they will make the buying decision faster.

Stage 2: Lead

Set automation mechanisms and see your leads being nurtured. Track their page views and set lead qualification rules to always keep a fresh stream of opportunities.

Stage 3: Opportunity

Bring the marketing heavy guns when the user is ready to buy. Personalize every aspect of your communication from emails to the content of your pages. Automatically upload verified leads to the CRM and begin manual nurturing.

  • Personalize messages

    Every email and chat message in UserEngage can include user attributes such as "name" or "company". This makes them more natural and engaging.

Example email
  • Custom user experience

    Your page can automatically adjust the content to be tailored to every visitor's interests. You can even include customer attributes in the content of the page.

Example email
  • Close more deals

    With a CRM integrated with automation you can automatically detect fresh leads, upload them to the CRM, assign a sales rep and schedule manual nurturing activities.

All deals view

Stage 4: Client

Turn clients into brand advocates by automating your communication. Detect behaviour patterns and act instantly to upsell or save your client from leaving.

Refine the process with data

Receive reports on every aspect of your sales, marketing and customer success activities. Find the best performing lead generation strategies and optimize your sales process.

  • Reporting and analysis

    UserEngage comes with full reporting. Track daily number of conversations, number of users in each stage of the pipeline and more.

  • A/B test everything

    Fuel your strategy with data by A/B testing the impact of every email and chat message.

  • REST API connection

    Build automation systems of unmatched complexity by exchanging data about your visitors with our REST API

Example chart

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