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Turn every visitor into a happy customer

UserEngage enables real-time customer tracking and user engagement. It has been created out of the need for fast and efficient communication between companies and their customers & for maximizing customers’ satisfaction. UserEngage enables functions of live chat, email marketing, email automation and advanced analytics for a fair price.

Understand your users

User-centric mailing

See people, not numbers

It has been created for companies like ours, that don’t want and often can not afford implementing costly and complex corporate solutions. For companies that want to stay in touch with their customers, for whom the customer is the individual, that they do care a lot, providing the best service one can get.

UserEngage uses complex and at the same time user friendly solutions to recognize each visitor in real­-time, that allows you to greet you customers individually or in a group with a personalized message based on activities on your page. With UserEngage you can talk to your customers using live chat and reach them with email messages in the same plot, when they leave your site. You can encourage everyone to ask you direct questions, by using triggers and automate your support tasks towards newcomers, hesitant buyers and loyal customers. There are many other functions that await your discovery.

We have created UserEngage to help you improve your sales. UserEngage helps you to convert each visitor to a prospecting lead and a lead into your a loyal customer. Real-time, anytime, all the time.

The company was founded in 2016 by its CEO, Greg Warzecha.

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