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User Analytics

Understanding a user takes more than page views. UserEngage combines data from tens of sources to create a full customer profile.

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Separate profile for every customer

Truly understand what each user needs by combining insights from website tracking, forms, mailing, chat and browser data.

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User interactions timeline

Every interaction between a single user and your company stored in one thread.

  • All messages

    Never lose a single message again. Emails and chat messages from every agent - it's all here.

  • page views and actions

    See the pages the user has visited and all the actions he has took.

User timeline view

All user data in one place

Quick access to all users in one place. Browse through the database without coding and find the prospects that really matter.

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Detect key users

Filter through your database to find the most promising leads.

  • Filtering

    Find users who share the same attributes. For example every visitor from your latest marketing campaign who has 4 days of the trial left.

  • Segments

    Keep your database organized by segmenting your customers into lookalike groups.

Single deal view

Custom attributes

Get the data that matters in your business. Add your own attributes such as purchased products or trial days left.

Custom attribute filtering

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