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User Tracking

Keep all the information about each person in their own, separate profile.

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Know your visitors

  • All info backgroundAll info

    Step 1: New visitor comes to your website

    As soon as someone enters your website, UserEngage finds various information such as their location, browser or device they’re using.

  • User profile backgroundUser Profile

    Step 2: User profile is created

    UserEngage creates profile and fills it with available data.

  • timeline backgroundTimeline

    Step 3: UserEngage tracks visitor's behaviour

    UserEngage starts tracking visitors' clicks, interactions and, e.g., previously defined custom events.

  • Social backgroundSocial

    Step 4: User submits their email

    If visitor leaves their email address, UserEngage will find their social media profiles.

List of all interactions that are registered by UserEngage


Page view

Each page view is recorded with a precise timestamp letting you see when people come back to your website.

Email clicks

Every link in an email has a special tracking redirection inside, letting you identify each person clicking the link.


You can create a custom event at each interaction such as purchase or registration.

Email unsubscribes

Every email unsubscribe is recorded so that you know how well your campaigns are doing.

Chat messages

The user timeline includes every chat message sent and received by that person.

Forms filled out

Every time someone fills out a pop-up form, the content of the response is visible in the timeline.

Emails sent

You can see which email messages have been sent to a particular person.


You can add notes for your team inside the user profile.

Email opens

There is a special pixel in each email enabling you to check who and when opened the message.

Phone calls

You can store both, info about the phone call and the audio recording of the conversation.

Emails sent by the user

With IMAP connection, you can see each email someone sent to any of your employees.


Each SMS message sent and received by your customers is recorded in their user profiles.

CRM Deals

Information about each deal opportunity and it’s value is visible directly inside user profile.

CRM Activities

Each activity, past or scheduled, is visible on the timeline of the person it refers to.

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