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Streamline the sales process with a CRM integrated with marketing automation.

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How UserEngage CRM can help you increase sales?

Simple and scalable sales processes

CRM makes it easy to implement scalable sales processes and build predictable revenue

Держите всю информацию в одном месте

It contains contact's attributes and the timeline of all contact-rep interactions.

Интегрируется с Автоматизацией

Your reps will get fresh prospects ready for closing straight from the marketing automation.

Enables data-driven sales strategies

You can get reports on the number of opportunities, activities and closed deals.

Делает менеджмент проще

You can see all of your current opportunities and their pipeline stage in one place.

Организует время на ответ

CRM keeps sales reps' calendars packed and notifies them about the next calls, emails or meetings they should schedule.

Очень простое управление сделками

All your opportunities in plain sight. Change deal's stage and value with a simple and clean interface.

All deal view

Вся информация о сделке в одном месте

Spreadsheets don't cut it anymore. Easy information access is crucial for your company’s success.

  • Вовлечённые люди

    All deal’s stakeholders along with their personal information.

  • График взаимодействия

    Single timeline containing the entire correspondence and lead-rep interactions.

  • Owner

    Find the sales representative who is responsible for moving the deal forward.

  • Компания

    The deal profile includes a link to a full database about the company you work with.

Single deal view

Schedule all your nurturing activities

Schedule activities manually or have the automation system do it for you. Either way, stay informed with notifications.

  • Tasks

    Underpromise, overdeliver. Keep track of all your obligations.

  • Встречи

    Schedule meetings and record notes to have quick access to information.

  • Имейл сообщения

    Keep the entire correspondence with all contacts in one browsable list.

  • Deadlines

    Keeping deadlines is crucial to be perceived as credible.

Activity view

Интеграция с календарём

Missing a meeting is out of question. Keep your schedule full and your head clear by integrating UserEngage with your online calendar.

Calendar view

Database for every client

Collect information about every deal and stakeholder connected with a given company.

Build relationships that last

A single database with every client and partner. Let your entire team contribute to building a full knowledge base about future, past and current deals.

Deal view

Data-driven sales strategies

Keep track of the milestones your team is crushing.

Полная аналитика

Track the number of deals in each stage of the sales funnel and get email notifications when they got closed. Test different sales strategies and compare your results.

Statistics view

Help from automation at each step

Automation will nurture your leads. Once they are qualified and ready to buy, UserEngage will create a new deal in the CRM and schedule your activities.

  • Посетители

    UserEngage will track the user and gather information about him. Automation will engage him with behaviour triggered messages.

  • Leads

    Using chat, forms or data collector, UserEngage will provide you with the visitor’s email address.

  • Prospects

    Once the lead meets criteria that you specify, the sales rep is notified about a new deal opportunity. This is where the CRM comes in.

  • Клиенты

    When a sales rep closes a deal, UserEngage begins automated nurturing process to ensure low churn rate.

Funnel view

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